Life is not always black and white.

Sitting down stringing sentences together is something i haven't done a lot of in the past few months. In fact, attempting to formulate a blog post has become foreign to me. Countless changes have taken place in the past three months since i last shared a blog post, and i feel i have slowly being evolving into a different person. In a way, its refreshing to sit, and just type. This post is going to be completely unedited, take it as word vomit, if you will.

After dedicating myself to this blog for over 3 years- spending hours planning content, photographing products and typing up posts, it was almost inevitable that i was going to loose my knack, and my interest in it. Time and time again i have sat in this very position, planning my big 'comeback' and not finding the inspiration to get the words flowing. I'm still not sure what i'm trying to get across in this post, just that i think i'm ready to return - whether content will remain the same is uncertain. I feel the reason i'm in this situation is because of the pressure to focus on a certain area and upload content on a fixed schedule which lead to the reason i started this blog to become distorted. To me, Vintage Teapot became a chore, scattered with PR samples to post about, reviews to publish and personal deadlines to meet. It was no longer my creative outlet where i willingly stayed up to the early hours of the morning with the clicking of the keyboard the only sound disrupting my motionless house. 

When i commenced writing this post, i felt an overpowering heaviness, a build up of emotion and unnecessary stress prompted by countless hours consumed in my own thoughts, and now i feel a sense of relief - a weight has been lifted off my shoulder, my mind seems somewhat less clustered and i think i'm ready to return to something i have previously loved so much. So I'm leaving it here, but eventually my words will once again be gracing your screens, for the good of my mind and with the hope of pleasing you.



Believe it or not, blogging is quite a lengthy process that involves a whole wardrobe of comfy clothes. I've forgot about my old blogging attire with this latest addition from leavershoodies.com* that has me all kitted out, with VT's official logo to make me look all the more profesh..

Leavershoodies.com is an online retailer renowned for their production of leavers hoodies. Situated in Brighton it offers a vast selection of customisable garments for school goers, team members or those who just like a little more personal touch to their basic clothing.

The whole service offered by the site is flawless, with first-rate customer-service: sending two sweatshirts as i was unsure of sizing is just an example of the impeccable treatment customers can expect to receive. The speed of the printing process is undeniable, with this sweatshirt being sent to print and delivered to the me in just under two weeks!

With an incredible selection of styles and colours to choose from, this particular sweatshirt is the College style in Ash Grey. The remarkable quality and softness of the fabric itself, along with the quality of the printed logo is top class. With such a large logo printed on the sweatshirt, i was a little apprehensive before popping this in the wash, however on a light wash setting there was no cracking or deteriorating of the logo and it looked just as new!

There's no possible way to root a flaw out of the service and products of Leavers Hoodies, it's the ultimate direction to head when your looking for a' customising, with prices that won't break the bank for both small and bulk orders!

Have you ever tried Leavers Hoodies services'?

* denotes PR sample(s), full disclaimer here



Fake tan removal is without a doubt the biggest, most tedious beauty chore of them all. As a self-proclaimed fake tan fiend, it has always been a duty I too often avoid and exclude from my weekly routine, but with throwing intense exfoliators into my pamper line-up it has been made relatively easy..


Described as a 'no-nonsense body scrub', this offering from reknowned fake tan brand Cocoa Brown removes any old tan while also creating an even canvas to re-apply your bronze. Coming in as a liquid with grain particles it delivers a more intense exfoliation to that of it's competitors while carrying Cocoa Brown's signature floral scent. Used on dry skin you obtain optimum results while the scrub feels a little more harsh, not particularly ideal for sensitive skin. It also works wonders when used on damp skin for a more gentle exfoliation scrubbing in circular motions with or without a loofah to relieve any dead skin cells. For ensuring old patches of tan that haven't faded quite as quick as others are banished pre re-tan or for exfoliating the skin so that a flawless application ensues this is your best-bet, while for removing areas of extremely stubborn tan it may fall a little short.


A body scrub specifically designed to remove self tan, it comes in a sugar scrub formulation to help erase even the most long-lasting, persistent tans. Due to it's much thicker formula, those with any slight sensitivity to the skin should stay away, as this is incredibly harsh on the skin and may cause irritation. Again with the thicker consistency, it proves a little more difficult to work with than the aforementioned, but when used on damp skin and slightly warmed up between the palm of your hands to merge the particles together and then rubbed into the skin in circular motions it really does work. For optimum results, use with an exfoliating glove to bid farewell to any signs of your faux-glow and release your inner pasty goddess. Without a doubt it's one for the hardcore tanners, one to quickly remove your tan before your early Monday morning shift and one to quickly banish and correct any tan errors to recommence the tanning process before anyone catches a glimpse. While it too can be used as an exfoliator for pre-tan prep, i feel it comes in a little too harsh for my skin, and if it was to be used for such purpose i would stick to the rough areas - knees, elbows, etc.

For a quick tan fix and the removal of fresh or persistent tan the No More Dramas' offering makes the cut, while for the removal of old lingering tan and an all overall exfoliation pre-tan the Cocoa Brown exfoliator is the go-to.

Have you tried any of these? What is your favourite method of removing fake tan?

* denotes PR samples, full disclaimer here



Search DIY on Pinterest and you are greeted with a whole other world of renovations, re-creations and snazzy ideas. Patrolling the pages takes many an hour - hours many of us have not to spare with other things to pin, but fret not i've compiled a list of 5 must try DIYs to spice up your home space;


Add a twist to your pristine white dishes with this simple yet effective DIY from Nouvelle Daily, use nail polish of any colour to suit your taste and surroundings. A must-try, quick and easy DIY that's got me wanting to spice-up all the household's dishes!


Gather all old and unused paper in this quirky candle revamp DIY. From maps, magazines and old literature follow these instructions for the snazziest candle collection around while doing your bit for the environment - winner!


Free your inner artiste by letting them loose with the paint brush for this fun and easy do-it-yourself. Any design in any colour, its all about pleasing yourself- and your cactus! (all i need to do is get myself a cactus!)


This genius, light bulb idea is the one that's gonna have you standing out from the crowd. All you need is a little moss and air plant along with some small white stones to make these light bulb terrariums and woo your guests. 


The sheer glossiness of the pages of a magazine add an indescribable room to any home-space, mix in bunting and you've got yourself the pairing of any pinner's dreams. The stunning selection of pages Nouvelle Daily used scream sophistication, and act as any creators perfect source of inspiration!

That concludes the  brief round up of the five DIY's currently on my to-do list to spruce up my room a little, Pinterest - i salute you. (fingers crossed butter fingers here manages to get them looking half as decent as these!)

Will you be adding any of these to your to-do list?



With Spring upon us, the lust for luminous skin is on. A recent shake up of my routine and a quick shop of my stash and I've sorted that ideal foundation base for the radiant, dewy look we all want this season..


Radiance wise, this line-up sources it's glow from this unbeatable duo. I like to mix a pea sized amount of both the Osiris CC Cream(a huge love!!) and NYX Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam, to achieve a flawless, illuminated base. The CC Cream works at bluring and smoothing out any imperfections, creating the perfect canvas on which to apply your foundation, while the illuminator injects radiance to the skin.


For foundation, this season this little drugstore gem has stolen my heart. The Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation does exactly what it says on the tin and delivers a long lasting finish, albeit not 25 hours(!!) Equipped with SPF 20 its the ideal candidate for this Spring line-up, delivering a medium build-able coverage that feels light and comfortable on the skin, allowing the radiance of the underlying illuminator to subtly peer through. I opt to apply with a buffing brush for a seamless application.


It's all about adding extra dimension and an all over glow to the skin, and to do so we're calling in the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer. While i still lie a little on the fence with the applicator, this bad boy does comes in a shade lighter than my foundation and thus acts as a highlight. I appply in a V shape under the eye, down the bridge of the nose, on the cupids bow and on the centre of the forehead to highlight these areas. For any imperfections, in comes the Physicians Formula Concealer Duo - the concealing and correcting dream team, hiding the appearance of spots and blemishes, while correcting any areas of redness.


To me, the dewier the finish, the better. I like to gently set the concealer in place to prevent any slipping as the day progresses, and to do so the Natural Collection Loose Setting Powder comes in. Without mattifying the concealer too much, it sets it in place and prevents eye makeup smudging under the eyes. You can get away with not powdering this foundation without it looking greasy or unfinished, so a quick spray of the NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray to lock the whole base in place and your good to go.

This line-up creates the ultimate basis for the perfect spring look, pair with a subtle bronze, a pop of highlight on the cheek bones for an extra glow and a glossy lip for a beautiful radiant makeup look.

What product line-up is your go-to for the ultimate glowing skin?



Whether it's in our mothers' first-aid boxes, our grans' cupboards or in fact present in our very own beauty stashes, bio-oil is without a doubt a hidden gem of many beauty regimes. Forget it's ability to dramatically reduce scaring and stretch marks, this little beauty has much more to offer..


Gently drizzle a little oil into your bath with your usual bath products for the ultimate pamper evening. Skin will feel hydrated and nourished as the oils' long list of beneficial ingredients(including Vitamin A & E) get to work.


No longer shy away from the image of an oily residue after moisturising  this oil works wonders as a face & body moisturiser. With the aforementioned vitamins A & E work at fighting off any visible signs of aging as you tackle day to day life. On top of that it works at gradually evening out skin tone and reducing blotchiness over time.


Forget your typical powder highlight, gently dab a little bit of Bio-Oil on the tops of cheek bones for a subtle glow sans the usual shimmer chunks. If that's not enough - glow all out and pop the oil on beneath your foundation as a primer, to boost your natural radiance and achieve a foundation finish. Don't fret about any oily residue, the PurCellin Oil present in the formulation has got you covered, seeing Bio-Oil sinking deep into the skin within seconds.


The long line of beneficial ingredients contained in this little bottle of goodness lock in moisture and creates a protective barrier between the suns harmful rays and your delicate skin. Natural botanical ingredients such as camomile extract and rosemary oil soothes the skin back to the norm, promoting a healthy post-sun glow.


Your typical hair saviour has run out? No fear, Bio-Oil is more than capable of filling the gaping hole in your hair-care routine. Gently smooth a pea sized amount of the oil onto the ends of your hair after washing - as you would with your typical hair oil, then follow with a quick drying for beautiful, silky smooth tresses. 


Slather a decent helping of the oil on pre-shaving to soften the skin and create a barrier to help prevent any mishaps and save your skin from the unwanted shaving cuts. It also promotes a smoother for longer shaving finish - soft legs for days!


Massage your way to relaxation with this skin bettering oil. The notes of camomile, lavender and rosemary oils help to relax the senses after a stressful day. The oil also nourishes parched, fatigued skin and simultaneously gives a much needed pamper to your skin, locking in moisture.

The best of beauty is often found in the most basic of products, and for this gem it's no different. Dig this little miracle-worker out of your stash and your skin is guaranteed to reap the benefits or grab Bio-Oil* here to add a little somethin' to your everyday beauty routine.

* denotes PR samples, full disclaimer here



Artistry is a brand that never appeared on my radar- up until now, with their recent (rather silent) release onto the Irish market. Regardless of my ignorance, it's safe to say they have been making shapes in the industry, earning the title of one of the world's top 5 premium skincare brands they are definitely one to watch. I briefly dabbled into the world of the Artistry makeup range, and here's the verdict;


One of the latest releases from the brand comes in the form of this eye crayon set, a trio of soft spring shades ranging from a beautiful beige to a deep indigo blue. These eye crayons are the ultimate addition to anybody's collection, with the tip of the pencil being thin enough to act as an eyeliner. The creamy long lasting formulation see's them apply and blend seamlessly before drying to a powder-like finish. Undeniably the one that received the most lovin' was the beige shade, as it works perfectly as an inner corner highlight on both natural and full-on makeup days and it doesn't budge as the day progresses. While the remaining two shades remain a little, different and for the more dramatic-makeup embracing gals of the bunch - however, they will be getting some love as Spring slowly comes into full swing. The formulation is impeccable, but the colour palette of the trio has yet to grow on me and i feel it would not be everybody's cup of tea.

SHEER LIPSTICK IN HONEY (£19.95/€25.10)*

The sleek black casing and gold hardware of this lipstick bares resemblance to that of the Chanel packaging. With a nifty twist and pop removal of the black lid, it's one of the most sophisticated lippies in my collection to date. The beautiful sheer, light-weight formulation of this beautiful rosy colour is the one to convert me from my usual love of liquid lipsticks. It's glossy finish and moisturising formula surprising doesn't slip on the lips and remains in place for a decent period of time. It hasn't particular wowed me with outstanding longevity but due to it's sheer build-able cover, it slowly fades rather than all disappearing at once. It's packaging is not only luxurious, but i too feel their is something about the lipstick it'self that seems very Chanel-esque, and it delivers similar pigmentation and shine to what i'd imagine the Rouge Coco Shine range do (a girl can imagine the feeling of Chanel lipsticks, right?!) Undoubtedly it's the perfect summer formula with it's lightweight moisturising finish for the perfect everyday is a beach day pout. A little note however, the rosy-your-lips-but-better colour may suit the taste of an older, more sophisticated wearer than that of a more daring gal.

Artistry is definitely a brand that has been kept under wraps for far too long, the distinctive black and gold packaging is enough to sell it, and throw the fabulous products that lie beneath the packaging into the mix and well we've got ourselves a real winner. It still remains a brand thats pretty hard to get your mitts on, with it being exclusively available from Amway Ireland and Amway UK and all products featured here are part of their Indigo Skies Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.

* denotes PR samples, full disclaimer here



Lip liners are often a product associated with - particularly in modern day society - overdrawn lips, a craze we simply cannot shake, and one that is plastered all over the majority of our Instagram feeds on a daily basis but one that can look incredible when done right. However, while many of us struggle to pull off the aforementioned look, lip liners can still be our best friends. Giving us longer lasting lip colour, more precise application and a much more vivid colour pay off. 

On a quest to find the ultimate everyday appropriate lip liner, my paths seemed to have diverted seeing me slowly accumulate quite a selection of deep winter shades and i have compiled a brief run down on whats hot and not;

At a mere €1.99 a piece, these fall in as the cheapest of the bunch, while being runner up in how much product each liner contains. These liners glide on effortlessly without tugging at the lips in any way, delivering a high colour pay off that lasts. As they are not all that drying on the lips, for a natural tint to the lips they could be used for all over, but for an intense colour i like to opt for a lipstick on top. Fab Fuchsia comes in as a rich berry pink shade, which surprisingly works perfect under Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 07, for a wearable everyday pink. Chestnut on the other hand is a deep coffee shade, with a slight red undertone - ideal for achieving the deep lip of the 90's.
(Now available in a selection of Dunnes Stores throughout Ireland)

A range of lip liners said to be sported by Queen Kylie herself. Coming in much greater in price than the aforementioned Wet N Wild offering, these are on the much more luxurious end of the scale. Yes they are good, they deliver and are probably a little more long lasting and creamier than the others in the bunch - yet to me, they really don't excel given the price comparison. I'd happily add more to my collection for the incredible shade range, but for the basic shade the cheaper alternatives can happily do the work. However, Burgundy comes in at a deep red, burgundy shade, obvs - the ultimate offering for a deep vampy lip.  Another thing worth noting: these lip liners really seem to wear down quite rapidly given the hefty price tag.

On the drier end of the scale, these liners have a tendency to slightly pull and drag on the lips during application. In my opinion the are slightly too drying to use as sole all over the lip colour, but when paired with a lipstick or even lip-balm, they can work. Due to their dry formulation, they remain in place and do not smudge. In terms of colour, Satin Mauve is the ultimate dupe for MAC's Whirl, with a slightly drier formulation. For extremely dry lips, i wouldn't recommend - unless you wish to just outline the lips in preparation for lipstick application. However, for those of us blessed with well moisturised lips there's a possibility a little balm on the top will make it work.

In complete contrast to the Essence range, Fuschia's selection of lip pencils have an extremely creamy formula, gliding on beautifully. However, this also sees them having a tendency to smudge, particularly immediately after applying. Furthermore, out of them all they appear to have the shortest staying power. I feel it's quite ambitious to sport these entirely on their own, and while they work under lipstick, for me their creamy formula makes for the perfect pencil to use when creating an ombre lip - as they are easier to blend than the norm, with Eggplant - a beautiful purple berry shade -working wonderfully for vampy ombre lips.

It's quite a varied bunch, each liner with different characteristics that lure me in. With such a broad price spectrum, each delivering some similar qualities - it demonstrates that price tags do not influence the quality of your lip-liner line-up.

* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here.



Yves Rocherthe natural French beauty brand, is a brand that briefly featured round these parts in the late stages of last year, and since then a selection of their products have made it into my daily routine, with their selection of scents becoming my go-to.

The latest of their fragrances to come onto my radar is Le Parfum Comme Une Evidence(£51.00/€70.41)* - the ultimate romantic scent. With a slight hint of floral- it's a subtle one, one that reminds me slightly of the smell of talcum powder in all the right ways. Being a complete novice to the world of scent descriptions- i can only describe it with words such as classy, feminine, and elegant. Providing a long lasting fragrance, it's an ideal option for a any night out or special occasion. 

In terms of packaging, the ditsy bottle of this Yves Rocher offering is fitting for any ladies dressing table. The baby pink squeeze bulb adds to the overall elegance of the fragrance itself. A down fall the squeeze bulb carries, however, it restricts the amount of product per spray, only slightly diffusing the spray in comparison to the norm - which doesn't seem a huge negative, but as a person who likes a good dose of perfume to carry me through the day, it has proven to be.

Overall though, it's a winner, a winner with quite a hefty price tag- but a winner all the same. The feminine packaging, the overall elegance and the aura of class it carries. With a further selection of products available in the Comme Une Evidence fragrance, it's a scent i will undoubtedly be delving further into, harmonizing my body products with my signature perfume.

Inject a little extra class into any date night with this Yves Rocher perfume, and bag yours for half the price tag now on the Yves Rocher site.



Admittedly, rings are a branch of jewellery that i steer well clear of, i am already aware of how sausage-like my fingers are, so when finding rings to fit the struggle is real. However recently, a hand made jewellery range has come onto my radar, and have been blingin' up my fingers and hands ever since with their beautiful bohemian-style range of jewellery.

This introduction to the aforementioned handmade and sourced shop, run by fellow blogger Nia Sky has seen my shyness of rings come to a sudden halt. From rings, to necklaces or bracelets fitted with crystals, Vanilla Shimmer have got all your jewellery needs covered with a unique twist that will not break the bank.

As a whole, after months of sporting these fabulous trio the rings must be highly commended for having held their shape very well. While the Yes Ring(£3.20/€4.40)*is a little flimsy due to its adjustable nature- which allows you to vary what finger you can wear it on, it's still my favourite of the bunch. For the gals out there who never vacate their comfort zone, this is ring acts as a friendly reminder to say yes a little more often - or maybe i'm just very philosophical- who knows?! The runner up is undoubtedly the Triangle Midi Ring(£2.60/€3.50)*, this ring is also adjustable catering for us chubby finger ladies. Finally, the one to complete the trio is the Infinity Midi Ring(£3.20/€4.40)* and the only one that isn't adjustable but remains the most sturdy and structured of the bunch. Admittedly, this is the one you will see me wearing less often due to personal preference, as i do feel the Infinity sign slightly resembles a pair of over-sized glasses - particularly on my fingers!

It's safe to say I have a new found love in the form of Vanilla Shimmer's jewellery range. With a unique selection of jewellery with all made with love and care to get even the most acute details flawless, it's definitely a range to check out. After over 2 months of wearing these rings, its only now that on inspection i can see a slight colour change in the gold, and a very slight tinge of green left behind after a long day's wear - but for the affordable price tag i'm willing to put it aside as i've encountered much worse from more expensive jewellery. It's the perfect range of jewellery for any season, but i believe it will exceed perfect when it comes to getting your festival jewellery fix!

* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here.



While i won't be celebrating Valentines day with Leonardo DiCaprio, or the next best thing - i know this weekend will shape up to be quite a big'un for date nights, what with the release of Fifty Shades of Grey and all, ey ladies? Regardless of how comfortable you are around your other half, when it comes to date night, both parties are going to aim to look their best in order to spice things up and make things extra special, and i've compiled the perfect list of products to do just that for both male and female. And well, for those like myself who are going to spend Saturday evening cocooned in a duvet on the couch engrossed in soppy films such as The Notebook and devouring copious amounts of pizza, we can turn this line-up into the ultimate pamper evening.

F O R  M E N:
Not to paint all men with the one brush, or fall into the ridiculous world of gender stereotypes but in general, and from what i've learnt from those around me, men in are much more reluctant when it comes to preppin' themselves for the big date night. A decent skincare routine is often never even given a second thought when it comes to men, but the impeccable range of all-natural skincare from Bulldog may have what it takes to get your other half moisturising. A budget-friendly range that's not going to break the bank, but covers all skin types with their Original and Sensitive, and Anti-Aging ranges with a signature sweet, yet masculine scent all homed in simplistic clean packaging and the ideal range to prep your skin for an anticipated date night.

A simple cleanse of their skin using the Original Face Wash(£4.95/€6.50)*, followed by a quick moisturise with either the Original Moisturiser(£4.26/€5.66)* or the Sensitive Moisturiser(£6.95/€8.95)* - depending on the skin's condition, is all that a man needs to have skin that is guaranteed to glow for the night ahead. For the non-bearded of the bunch, a shave is always a good idea - particularly on a date night and with the help of both the Shave Gel(£3.95/€4.95)* and After Shave Balm(£5.50/€6.95)*, you guaranteed to get a good clean shave, one that she is guaranteed to notice. And for the men who want to delve into the complexity of a full skincare routine, use the Face Scrub(£5.25/€6.50)* every 2-3 days to bid farewell to dead skin cells, and get those under bags a little less obvious, while illuminating the said area with the Eye Roll On(£6.66/€8.66)*

F O R  L A D I E S:
Any excuse for a pamper evening with a long bath and a woman will be all over it, even if a date night ensues. A typical pamper night for me usually consists of a leg shave, some body care products and a more detailed skin care routine than the norm, all before painting my nails - a duty my impatient self has grown to detest.

The key to any pamper evening, particularly for me is getting my tan on - and unfortunately something i enjoy so much comes with alot of preparation. Before becoming something that resembles a wannabe bronze goddess, i like to exfoliate my skin. Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff (£6.95/€7.99) is a good 'un for this, on the more intense side of other body exfoliators i have tried, it's works wonders at removing any remaining stubborn tan while also priming the skin before another tan sesh' creating the perfect canvas. Typically, i input most of my effort into shaving my pins and exfoliating that the steps that follow often are carried out with a "the less fuss the better" attitude. Cue the entry of the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser(£3.75/€4.69), a less fuss moisturiser that see's no need for loitering in between tanning and moisturising. An ideal tan for date nights that doesn't come with a long line of orange toned risks is the Baby Browne Medium Tan Lotion(£14.95/€20.15)*- an easily applied lotion that requires no fuss while adding a glow to even ghostly white skin. One coat delivers a subtle natural golden glow, while two coats manages to deliver a medium tan, perfect for any date night.

Nothing preps the skin for a date night quite like the REN 1 Minute Facial(£31.95/€38.00)*, a luxurious multi-use skin care products, equipped with many benefits to illuminate and renew skin cells just in time for the big night - a full review with many benefits readable here. Follow up with a list of nourishing skin care to inject further radiance and moisture into the skin, and a covering of Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose(£2.10/€2.80) for the perfect canvas. For the finger tips, a good 'un to opt for is one from the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish(£9.99/€9.99), with Red Eye coming in as the perfect true red shade, delivering a long lasting, high-shine colour. To avoid regurlar trips to the ladies' room, choose a long lasting lip colour such as the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lip Lacquers(£8.99/€12.49),with shades 01 and 08 providing the perfect classy red lips for Valentines day.

* denotes PR sample, read my full disclaimer here.


Life is not always black and white. Sitting down stringing sentences together is something i haven't done a lot of in the past few...